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Welcome to Saint Michael's Media

Saint Michael's Media is responding to the call for a New Evangelization. Pope Benedict XVI states that “we are searching for . . . a new evangelization, capable of being heard by that world that does not find access to 'classic' evangelization . . . This is why we are obliged to look for new ways of bringing the Gospel to all.”

Modern social communications are “marvels of technology which God has destined human genius to discover” (Inter Mirifica) and can be used for great good as well as great evil. Saint Michael's Media invokes its angelic namesake in its work of employing the mass media for the illumination of souls with the light and truth of Jesus Christ. Saint Michael's Media strives to be part of the Church's work for the New Evangelization by producing high quality Catholic programming which overcomes the darkness of ignorance regarding the teachings of Christ and His Church.

As a lay apostolate Saint Michael's Media is financially independent of any Church authority and relies totally on your generous donations in order to keep running. It is, however, spiritually supported and endorsed by a number of prominent Priests, including Father Pablo Straub. We have also received several heartwarming testimonals from converts, Catholics and non-Catholics.


Welcome to St. Michael's Media

Saint Michael's Media's productions are endorsed by prominent members of the Catholic Church


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