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Production Services by Saint Michael's Media

If you have an event or seminar which you would like taping and editing, or if you would have any other audio-visual projects which you need undertaken, please consider Saint Michael's Media as your one-stop-shop for all your audio-visual needs.

With staff possessing extensive experience in all fields of video production, Saint Michael's Media can videotape your event or production either at our Ferndale studios in Michigan, or travel to any location. Not only can we tape the event, but also provide as many of the following services as you might need;

  • Cameramen and video camera equipment
  • Highly-trained and skilled Emmy Award-winning directors and producers
  • Professional and competitively priced editing
  • Artwork and design for packaging, labels and video graphics
  • Fulfillment of DVD orders
  • Shipping and order processing

As you can see, Saint Michael's Media provides a complete turnkey solution for all your video needs – you need not have anything other than an idea and we can do all the rest! Our staff are exceedingly professional, our work excellent and our rates competitive.

Saint Michael's Media also offers a number of other services related to audio-visual work, including but not limited to;

  • Website design, maintenance and hosting
  • Recording, production and editing of audio
  • Production and hosting of Podcasts
  • Fulfillment of CD orders

If you are interested in using Saint Michael's Media as your media provider, please contact us either by email or by calling 866-738-1207

Some of the clients who have used Saint Michael's Media in the past are;

  • Dr. Scott Hahn and Saint Mary's Church, Westphalia, MI – 3 90 minute talks on his books
  • Saints Peter and Paul Educational Foundation – benefit dinner
  • Call to Holiness Conference
  • Tim Staples
  • Pam Stenzel - “Sex Still Has A Price Tag”
  • Saint Dunstan's Church, MI – 2007 Lenten Conference
  • Saint Joseph's Church, MI - 2008 Lenten Series


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