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The History of Saint Michael's Media

Saint Michael's Media was founded in the Spring of 2006 by Notre Dame alumnus and former seminarian Michael Voris as a lay apostolate dedicated to advancing the truth of authentic Christianity via the mass media. Michael had been in broadcast television for many years and decided to bring his extensive experience and knowledge to bear on the subject of his faith after hearing the lies spread by The Da Vinci Code movie.

Initially planning to create a single, one-off television program which specifically refuted those individual errors and falsehoods, Michael swiftly realized that the problem facing the Catholic Church in the United States and elsewhere was larger than a single Hollywood blockbuster, and so scaled his vision up. Withdrawing a substantial portion of his retirement fund and relying very heavily on volunteer labor and support, he began to construct a television studio in downtown Ferndale, Michigan.

The apostolate which was formed took the name Saint Michael's Media, taking the mandate and the mission of the Archangel Michael as its pattern and model. Saint Michael the Archangel is the defender of the Church Militant against all those who might wish her harm, and he is unstinting and unceasing in his protection of the Church he loves. The various facets of Saint Michael's role as the first soldier of the Heavenly Host – mature, compassionate, impassioned, determined and dedicated – are reflected in the personalities of the people who work and volunteer at Saint Michael's Media.

The studio itself was built during March and April of 2006, with mostly volunteer labor, and the first taping was on 6th May 2006. The studio was dedicated to the Archangel Michael on his feast day two days later.

Saint Michael's Media decided that the first television program they would produce would be as direct and uncompromising as the Archangel himself, and would stem from an awareness of the fact that the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is “the one true faith”. After that choice was made, the name of the show was a forgone conclusion!

The One True Faith began airing in Detroit in September of 2006, and was an immediate success, receiving very positive reviews from both lay people and clergy alike. It generated interest among both Catholics and non-Catholics, and those who were still within the Church and those who had fallen away.

But Saint Michael's Media did not rest on its laurels – it pursued other markets in which to air The One True Faith. Despite opposition from various quarters to the authentic truth of the Catholic Church that Saint Michael's Media was promoting, a number of other markets are broadcasting The One True Faith, with airing scheduled to begin in Spring of 2007. In addition to receiving support from those in the television industry, Saint Michael's Media forged excellent relationships with a number of very prominent and holy Catholics, including Father Kenneth Baker and Father Pablo Straub.

Saint Michael's Media had always had a website, but in late 2006 the internet presence expanded greatly – adding several additional domains and expanding the features offered by the existing ones to include such things as podcasts and Catholic resources. It was at this time that Saint Michael's Media began their financial and technical support of Our Lady's Brides, an online community forum dedicated to advancing and providing information about the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Saint Michael's Media have continued to go from strength to strength - broadcasting The One True Faith internationally via the Familyland network, and producing a series of educational classes and highly-acclaimed productions such as The "Where Did The Bible Come From?" Collection.


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