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Testimonals from Converts

Although it would be wrong to say that we have converted people to Catholicism (because all conversions are the work of the Blessed Trinity!) that same Blessed Trinity has used Saint Michael's Media several times to effect a change of heart in a number of non-Catholics. Here are some testimonials from people who have joined the Catholic faith and cite Saint Michael's Media as an influence.

(Some details have been removed to protect the privacy of the individuals who gave these testimonials)

My name is Justin and I'm 18 years old.†I was born and raised in a protestant church.† When Pope John Paul†ll†passed away a few years ago it was heavily covered by the media and seeing†these Catholic stories on the news got me interested in learning about what the Catholic Church was really about.† So just out of curiosity, I started studying the beliefs of the Catholic†faith and I started comparing them to my own protestant beliefs.††As I was†studying I began to see flaws in protestant beliefs and after a few more months of studying Catholic theology and†watching Catholic television programs,†I came to the conclusion that the Catholic faith was the one true faith.† Looking back now it should of been common sense to me that thousands of different protestant groups with varying opinions on Christianity could not have been the true church.† Anyway's I wanted to convert to Catholicism but my family, especially my parents, were opposed to anything Catholic.† They are also the kind of people who will not even listen to any view point that is opposed to theirs.† At this time in my life I was under the age of 18 and without their permission I would not be able to join the true church so I dropped the issue†but continued to diligently study the faith, keeping my beliefs to myself.† It has been a couple of years sense then and I am now almost nineteen years old.†Recently I saw your show on TV and it has convinced me that I need to stop putting off my conversion.

Hey, Iím from Idaho, and Iím eighteen years old. Everyone here thinks Catholics worship the Virgin Mary. Not even the Catholics here know a lot about the Catholic church. I didn't even know a lot about my own Mormon church till I decided to look it up, and found the One True Faith website. Now I know that the Catholic Church is the one authentic Church. I want to become Catholic and defend the Church against these attacks.


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