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The "Where Did The Bible Come From?" Collection

Where Did the Bible Come From?

The Bible is the best-selling book in the world, and over one third of humanity considers it to be sacred scripture and inspired by God. To Christians, it is of the utmost importance and its words and phrases are quoted on a daily basis.

But where did the Bible come from? Who wrote it, and when, where and why? How was it assembled into a single volume and how did has this book become as widely available as it is?

In the "Where Did The Bible Come From?" Collection you will learn answers to these questions and more. Consisting of two extensively researched DVD video presentations hosted by Michael Voris, a full-color expandable timeline detailing the major events in the history of the development of the Bible, and a lively and schollarly companion book written by British author Simon Rafe. Presented in an engaging and lively style which a non-expert can understand, this in an invaluable reference reference work which will enable you to answer questions about the origins of sacred scripture and the history behind the Bible. You will learn about important figures such as Jerome, Constantine, Luther, Wycliffe and Gutenberg. Additionally, this pack comes with a bonus DVD - "Why Bible History Matters" presented by Michael Voris.

Learn the truth about the origins of the Bible, and gain a whole new appreciation for this wonderful gift from God!

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